Le mariage in english de Natasha et Matthew

Attention, aujourd’hui, on voyage sur le blog avec le mariage de Natasha et Matthew près de Saumur. Nos deux amoureux anglais on choisit de se marier en France aux côtés de Jérémy Fiori. Un mariage champêtre comme on les aime… avec une mention spéciale pour la décoration de la salle du dîner qui me plait beaucoup ! Beaucoup de bonheur à nos deux amoureux du jour <3

Un reportage tout en anglais, histoire de travailler un peu son accent en ce début de semaine !

Votre histoire d’amoureux et la demande en mariage

Matt and I met New Years Eve 2002 at a night club in Manchester called Funkademia. I was with my friends and he was with his, and we met close to the dance floor and danced the night away, six months later we started our relationship and soon after Mat went off traveling to far East Asia with his friends for 3 months and I miss him terribly and I knew within those 3 months that this was going to be a serious relationship.

Mat and had been together for 11 years when he surprised me that we were going away to Rome for my birthday, as we arrived at the airport he then surprised further by stating to me that we were in fact going to New York not Rome, somewhere I have always wanted to go. We spent 11 days in New York before we went to Boston for a day to attend a music festival to see our favourite band called the National. At the concert Matt got on one knee and proposed to me, I did not say yes straight away as I in shock.

Vos inspirations pour la décoration de votre mariage

I have always loved vintage and antique furniture and interior design. The wedding inspiration comes from a love of vintage and ethnic styles. I wanted this to be featured within the wedding and for the day to feel relaxed and happy and for the guests to have the best night dancing until the sun rises.

Idées déco et DIY

I collected all the decorations from charity and antique shops here in the UK. During the planning days we would travel to france collecting a few items along the way. It was in Thouars, France where I met a lovely women Lydie, whom we stayed with for a few nights, she ran an antique shop that sold the most beautiful items. Lydie also had a warehouse full of items and she allowed me to rent a few key pieces such as the vintage wedding car for the wedding. The wedding vision would not have been possible without her help.

Votre plus beau souvenir

My best memories of the day were when I arrived at the church, our song was playing (Ceremony, by Joy Division) as I walked down the aisle the rain poured outside, it was so atmospheric. They when it rains on a wedding day the marriage will be long lasting.

Les conseils du jeune marié

Advice for future grooms when organising a wedding without any professional support in another country would be around preparation being a key element. Allocate certain tasks to family members to ensure that the setting up of the wedding runs as smoothly and as stress free as possible. We spent lots of time and energy, a few days before, setting up the venue, without the support from family and friends it would not have been possible to achieve the vision that we imagined.

Les conseils de la jeune mariée

I would advise the couple to enjoy every moment of the day as it goes too quickly. Ensure that you time out to talk to family, friends and also take a step back to look at your guests having a wonderful time celebrating your marriage. It is also important to dance the night away with the people you love the most.


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Carnet d’adresses

When the wedding is over and you return home, looking through your photographs takes you right back to that special day. Our day was made even more special by the greatest photographer Jeremy Fiori who captured the day amazingly. Jeremy we can not thank you enough, you are truly talented, my guests are still talking about you!
I would highly recommend the Domaine de Marchais Bouchet for weddings or any other event as it is located in the most beautiful setting, within the woodlands is truly atmospheric, even the wild boars add excitement!
The wild flowers were bought from a local florist in the area, thanks again Delphine Soisson.
Hair and make-up was done by Marlene from Le salon de Marlène based in Angers, and she helped me to feel relaxed by making me look and feel special in my appearance.
The food on the day was cooked by Vincent Benassy and his talented team from Les Terrasses de Saumur Restauration, who produced wonderful delicious food to a high standard.
Some of the decor was hired from the O bonheur des Dames and they provided the vintage chairs that helped create the vintage feel. My good friend Lydie from Thouars, helped to create the vintage feel, we were able to hire the vintage car plus other antiques, thanks again for all you help and support.

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